Talked with VICE News on HBO about how a bipartisan group of Attorneys General are looking into the Facebook matter. While politicians in D.C. talk, we are acting and learning more about this troubling data breach he said.

At least four states have now asked Facebook to answer questions about the access it gave companies to users’ data, an inquiry prompted after press reports revealed the voter targeting firm used by Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Cambridge Analytica, harvested data from thousands of Facebook users without their permission. On Thursday, Facebook held a conference call with a handful of the state officials to answer their requests.

One state official, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, told VICE News after the call that the states are “just at the beginning stages of this” inquiry. He believes Facebook could have violated two state laws by allowing Cambridge Analytica access to users’ data, even if it was without the company’s explicit knowledge.

Sadly Josh just continues to waste tax payers money on non issues to improve his Obama Ultra Liberal carpet bagger image by launching yet another headline grabbing investigative boondoggle that like most of his efforts will fizzle out, be legislated out of existence or be ignored for what it is… another bull shit move.

The issue here is Facebook users have permission to mine data by using the App and it was later sold to the highest bidder, this in no way is the fault of Facebook, it sits on the shoulder of Cambridge Analytical, and the Facebook user who did not read the YOS.

Its time for voters to take notice of his actions and vote him out of office during the next cycle which is in the best interest of every tax payer in Pennsylvania.

Credit Mercer star news



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