Raymond Priester, 49, and Amy Kostecky, 47, arrested on charges they assaulted one another during a domestic dispute

Raymond Priester, 49, and Amy  Kostecky, 47, were arrested on charges they allegedly assaulted one another during a domestic dispute at their home on Valley Drive.

Kostecky told police that Priester threw a lit candle at her, according to court documents, causing her to get burned with hot wax.

But Priester denied throwing the candle. He accused Kostecky of slapping him on the side of the face after she took his cell phone.

Both defendants were arraigned on charges of simple assault and harassment. Kostecky was released on her own recognizance.

Priester, who also was wanted on an arrest warrant by West Deer Township police in Allegheny County, was placed in the Butler County Prison on $2,000 bail in the domestic case and an additional $5,000 bail in connection with the warrant charges stemming from a home improvement fraud case. The fraud case was first reported here on Butler News




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