Shooting suspect only gets 90 days in jail

Austin Coburn, 20,who is accused of firing several rounds from a gun during a dispute with a neighbor, will spend the next 90 days behind bars after admitting to violating his probation in Butler County Court on Friday.

Coburn admitted that he failed to report as directed, continued to use marijuana, made no effort to find employment, failed to start community service, got new charges including disorderly conduct and was not paying his fines.

Coburn was initially sentenced April 26 to 12 months’ probation, a $100 fine and 25 hours of community service after pleading guilty in March to misdemeanor firearms not to be carried without a license.

He was initially charged with felony firearms not to be carried without a license, which was reduced to the misdemeanor to which he pleaded, and misdemeanor recklessly endangering another person, which was later dismissed as part of the plea.

State police said Coburn fired several shots over a parking dispute on Sept. 9, 2016, after getting into an argument with another person over parking on the property.




  1. Butler Citizen I thank you so much for putting these stories out. I am starting to save and file them for future use. I am guessing I can commit almost any crime imaginable in Butler and get released with minimal effort. I am relieved that I don’t need to actually purchase items at Walmart or Dollar General. I can use a gun and get time served. I’m not a pervert so child molester issues aren’t an issue. I can commit insurance fraud, bite my girlfriend’s finger off or even steal someone’s identity with nothing happening to me. It even seems I can get all screwed up on drugs and murder a baby in Butler. This county is criminal heaven. They should advertise that on billboards on 8,68 and 422.
    Cudos to our court system if you won’t fix the county problems at least profit from them.

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