Tiffany Zanella, 23,arrested for being a thief, writing a check on a two year closed account

Tiffany Zanella, 23, of Butler was charged with bouncing a check on the 100 block of Downham Drive. She is accused of passing a $300 check that was written on a closed account, the account was closed for more then two years.

Zanella is charged with theft by deception and bad checks.

Zanella denies these charges, says she works for the government and basically the police are trying to destroy her life. Zanella then told Butler News officer Fish agreed to drop the charges, this was all a lie. The case was not dropped but rescheduled.

When asking Zanella for a comment on the case she replied

“Fuck officer Fish, fuck you, the Magistrate will throw out the charges and the officer has no choice but to deal with it”

By clicking this link you will see the copy of Zanellas docket sheets for the bad check case, she denies this and says the state threw the charges out. As you can see she is awaiting her preliminary hearing.




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