Notorious junky James Cogley arrested Tuesday with a lot of drugs-here are the exclusive pictures

James Cogley was captured Tuesday afternoon by bond recovery agents and the Butler City Police in his Wagner avenue home.

Cogley was wanted for jumping bail, not showing up for court, and a list of new charges after he has overdosed and charged with various other junky charges.

Cogley was captured at one of his run down rentals (slum lord) Cogley put up no fight, and in the exclusive here are the pictures of the drugs Cogley was found with. Cogley now faces a litany of new charges, and if that is not bad enough, upon being searched at the prison, staff found heroin up his ass. He now faces even more new charges for shoving heroin up his ass.

Photo Credit A.T.M Protection and Investigation Services LLC




  1. isn’t this the second or third guy sticking stuff up his ass? these guys are into corn hole stuff. who’s worse the one with the drugs up their ass or the guy with drugs on his dick shoving it in?


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