Peter Bamford, 37, of Texas faces charges after getting pist off, mailing a rent check that the landlord conceded as a possible bomb

Police say Bamford admitted to sending a package in the mail last week to A.R. Building Co. at One Adams Place on Seven Fields Boulevard in Adams Township. Bamford said the package was not meant to scare anyone but rather a way to convey his unhappiness over fees tied to an apartment he recently rented, which A.R. Building owns.

The package was a box within a box, and contained a small item wrapped in red duct tape with a note on top. The handwritten note indicated this was a final payment and contained an expletive. After receiving the parcel, the Adams Township building was evacuated and the Allegheny County Bomb Squad was called in.

Bomb squad officers X-rayed the item and were unable to determine what it was. They then took the package outside where they dismantled it, according to police. Inside was a mint tin wrapped with wire ties and red duct tape. Inside the can was glitter and a check.

He will now have to fly into Pa to face the charges in Adams Township-this all could have been avoided if the building owner as I am told, was not “such a prick”

Photo credit WPXI (Used with permission)

Atwp package


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