Tiffany Zanella,23, arrested for multiple felony charges in Allegheny

Tiffany Zanella,23, who could be the biggest moron this website has seen in a long time, Zanella messaged Butler News telling her arresting officer to “go fuck himself” and that she is a good christian that has never been arrested and if I post about her arrest for bad checks she will have me arrested-has done it again. Click this link to read yesterdays story about this bimbo. Zanella went on to tell me she works for the Government, and I would get in trouble if I posted about her arrest.

With a brief internet search, Zanella has been arrested multiple times in Allegheny county. Here is a brief list of the felony charges Zanella faces in Allegheny County -the Penn Hills Police department, I can assume with everyone else that the cop lied and she is a good christian girl that works for the government like she told me.

# Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
1 18 § 3925 §§ A F2 Receiving Stolen Property 12/29/2017 Waived for Court
2 18 § 3921 §§ A F3 Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop 12/29/2017 Waived for Court
3 18 § 4106 §§ A1 F3 Access Device Used To Obt Or Att Obt Prop/Service 12/29/2017 Waived for Court
4 18 § 4101 §§ A2 M1 Forgery – Unauthorized Act In Writing 12/29/2017 Waived for Court

Her dockets can be seen by clicking this link below.

Here is her current case status.

Seq. Orig Seq. Grade Statute Statute Description Offense Dt. OTN

1 5 F3 18 § 3925 §§A Receiving Stolen Property 08/29/2017 G 797279-0
2 2 F3 18 § 3921 §§A Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop 08/29/2017 G 797279-0
3 7 F3 18 § 4101 §§A2 Forgery – Unauthorized Act In Writing 08/29/2017 G 797279-0

You can click this link below to read these dockets.

One can only assume these arresting officers are “big meanie liars” and this good christian girl who is a pretend government worker was set up by the police, and I am sure she will have her vast legal team after me for this post within the next 48 hours.



  1. using “good” and “christian” in same sentence means criminal. WTF must be catholic, you know the religion where you do what you want as long as you tell someone (confess) its all good. she must be an entry level professional criminal. bad part is someone, a low life, is sleeping with this POS. and it will multiply in time. mooch welfare. and the cycle will repeat. come on volunteer firemen at least wear a condom, on your dick not over her head, thats why we have light switches

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  2. Guys Let’s not be petty during this holiday season. Tiffany is maybe a good Christian girl who made a few bad choices. She may very possibly work for the government. Of course I probably bumped my head this morning an am delusional. Now that I am thinking clearly she probably did everything she is charged with. Unless someone else who looked like her stole her old checkbook and wrote the check out. This happened in Butler, she will get out of it all with no problem and her trial will be a waste of time. Now for the Allegheny County problems that may be an issue for her, I hope Butlercitizen follows up. As for the religious comments Beelzebub made they are almost 100% fact. Sometimes you need to make a donation to the church to get you off the hook along with confession. For the sake of argument let’s say Poor Tiffany is collecting some sort of funding from the state in any way shape or form. Wouldn’t that be considered working for the government? Face it she is 23 and having all these issues….Her future looks bright. Maybe in about 20 years she will be the one beating up the Easter Bunny or shoving drugs up her ass. Only time will tell.


  3. What is the over over under on this girl. Do you think she has had at least 20 cocks inside of her? Or would you think more. Those fat bitches love a cock in the ass ya know fat girls also have a musty sweat pussy smell I would guess her pussy smells like a waste dump when she has to walk a block or so


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