Notice of Execution Signed for Marcel Emanuel Johnson – and it means NOTHING

Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel today signed a Notice of Execution setting Monday, May 7, 2018, for the execution of Marcel Emanuel Johnson, who was convicted in Bucks County.

The law provides that when the governor does not sign a warrant of execution within the specified time period, the secretary of corrections has 30 days within which to issue a notice of execution.

Governor Tom Wolf does not believe in the death penalty.




  1. Still don’t know how the people of Pennsylvania were duped into voting for this asshole for governor. Of course democrats are easily fooled


    • Too many women brothers. Think they knew better what a shame. If only they just would have kept in the kitchen what a beautiful world we could have had. Now everyone’s equal, no matter skills or talents, football players hate whites along with cops and this country and we go more and more into a socialist environment everyday. I’m clogging my ear canals with slim Jim’s as we speak.


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