State Trooper injured after Dave Coleman took police on a chase on Whitestown Road

Butler City initiated a traffic stop near the Lyndora post office around 5pm. The driver of the car then took off, spawning a police chase between involving Butler City, Township and State.

Police chased this unnamed individual basically in a circle until the suspect hit a state trooper.

The suspect and the trooper were both hurt in the accident. The trooper was transported to the hospital, the suspect was transported to the hospital. One 13 year old had a facial injury and was treated at the scene.

Butler city police were pursuing the suspect and Butler Township police and troopers set up a roadblock on Whitestown Road near South Duffy Road to assist, Pennsylvania State Police said.

The suspect’s vehicle then struck the trooper’s vehicle.

The trooper was taken to Butler Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.


Dave Coleman is in custody. The 13 year old with him at the time of the accident is fine with some minor injuries.

Butler news spoke with the suspects Family, Family members state they did not even know he left the house this afternoon, there was no drugs found, and they are dumbfounded why he would run.

Coleman is currently DUI suspended.



      • Maybe he thought he was going to be among the very few to ever out run a radio? Now that he put the lives of multiple people in danger and sent a trooper to the hospital… well. Don’t want to be him. Plus putting the child in just as much direct danger as himself and the trooper…


  1. You’d think the trooper was on his death bed or something. Minor injuries. He’s my neighbor. So he’s home and my Street is lined with state police vehicles visiting him.

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