Mark Wilkinson, 38, charged after police say he stole a refrigerator

Butler police on Thursday obtained a felony arrest warrant for Mark Wilkinson, 38, who has no known address, but police say stole a fridge that he could use while living under a bridge I guess?

David Gould of Butler, the landlord of the home on the 400 block of Negley Avenue, notified police March 23 of the missing appliances, he also notified police letting them know he rents out slum lord property on the low end of town.

Gould said he made the discovery when he went to the house to change the locks. (God damn shocked a house on the island had a door that was not rotted out able to hold a lock) He told police that Wilkinson had moved out of the rental home within the past few days. He also told police he never seen him remove the items.

Gould described the refrigerator as a stainless steel, double-door model with a pull-out freezer. He valued it at $2,200, police said. (Then he woke up from that dream) The older electric stove was valued at $200 (Highest price I have ever seen for a green 70s stove)

Police inspected the kitchen and noticed a rear door leading to the back yard, and tire tracks in the yard to the home’s porch.

The tire marks, documents said, indicated “someone had (driven) a vehicle there to remove items.” In related news the City Police said “you need gas to drive a car, and tires on the car”

This really is the most idiotic thing I have seen in a while, no one saw this person (if he did) remove anything. And the Police said ” someone must have driven a car” well no shit? I thought he carried the fridge down the block on his back. AWESOME detective work here guys!




  1. Brother who puts a stainless fridge down at the island. C’mon the tropical people would love a fridge that nice to store their watermelons brothers. You know it wasn’t slim Jim man because Slim’s don’t have to be refrigerated after opening oh yaaaaa

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  2. That fridge must of stored bullshit as there are more holes in this story than the roof of that slumlord property. I’ll take a wild guess that everything was insured. It doesn’t really matter since no one will do time anyway.


  3. SMM I am going to guess that on the date of the crime there was a beat up old Buick cruising around Butler with a side by side fridge bungee corded to the trunk lid and no one saw it. Probably going to Lowe’s to scam a refund then off to Wally world to get some shoplifting done.


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