Man who police say raped a 5 year old, then threatened to kill her and her family, released from jail due to the District Attorneys offices mistakes

William Brookbank on his own recognizance, with the stipulations of electronic monitoring, pretrial supervision, no contact with the victim and no use of social media.

Brookbank had been incarcerated for more than 180 days in violation of state criminal procedure rules.

Police charged Brookbank, 49, of Eau Claire with threatening the life of a woman in October.

Brookbank made the threat on Sept. 27, when police arrested him on charges he sexually assaulted the woman’s 5-year-old daughter.

To read more about the past incident click the link below




  1. this guy is in the top 10 POS in the world. total fucktard! good ole butler system makes it safer to be in jail than on the street. wonder if the FBI knows about all these criminals getting away with crimes by judge penis pics

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  2. This worthless fuck tired of seeing his discusting face. He’s been raping little girls since 2001 I know for a fact he did this to my friend when he lived in old plank estates in 2001 her mother was to stupid to realize or even listen. Hang this fuck. He won’t rest easy living close to me again. He lives in Eau Claire right behind the Nationwide Ins building in the trailer park. Once I pin point his actual address I will be posting the exact place so everyone knows where this filth lives. I hope the father of the little girl finds him and removes his dick and balls.


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