New PFA laws are a potential disaster for men who are falsely accused

Local lawmakers, police professionals and victim advocates are hailing a package of bills that help protect crime victims and were recently approved by the state Senate and moved on to the House. State Sen. Elder Vogel Jr., R-47th. The bills are meant strengthen and reform Pennsylvania’s domestic violence laws, offer greater protections to victims of domestic violence and their children, and hold abusers accountable.

A seventh bill would establish a crime victims’ Bill of Rights in the Pennsylvania Constitution to protect and expand the rights of victims of violent crime.

“These bills are intended to address a number of serious and dangerous issues that face domestic violence victims.

Here are links to the new laws, the issue is should there be laws that prohibit men and women from filing a false PFA

The package includes Senate Bill 313, which makes it easier for domestic violence victims to remove the name of an abuser from a shared telephone plan; Senate Bill 449, which allows magisterial district judges to use a risk assessment tool when determining bail in domestic violence cases;

Click the link to read the actual bill no media will post

Senate Bill 500, which ensures that law enforcement protection is available to a victim before or while PFA orders are being served; Senate Bill 501, which removes third-party safekeeping as an option for a domestic violence defendant ordered by the court to relinquish firearms; with this new bill the state will take and possess your weapons, you will now loose any and all 2nd amendment rights even if the pfa is false

Click the link to read the actual bill no media will post

Senate Bill 502, which makes it easier for the court to extend a PFA order when an abuser is released from custody; Senate Bill 919, which allows domestic violence victims who live in public housing to be relocated to another unit; and Senate Bill 1011, which amends the state Constitution to create a crime victims’ “Bill of Rights.”

Senate Bill 449 now goes to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature and enactment into law. The other six bills were sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senate Bill 501,not only does it keep perpetrators from turning over firearms to friends or family members, but it also drastically reduces the deadline for relinquishing firearms from 60 days to 48 hours.

Click the link to read the bill

“While many states, including Pennsylvania, have laws designed to enumerate the ways in which a victim can interact with the judicial system, there are no provisions in those statutes to ensure compliance,” according to a memo attached to the bill by sponsoring state Sen. Guy Reschenthaler, R-37th.

“Pennsylvania is one of 15 states whose constitution is silent on victims’ rights with the aims of the national Marsy’s Law project that states’ constitutions should balance the rights of perpetrators with the rights of victims,the constitutional amendment requires that, for the criminal and juvenile justice systems, the enumerated rights of victims are to be protected no less vigorously than the rights afforded the accused..

Tierne’s Law, Bill 449, which is heading to Gov. Wolf’s desk, allows district judges to use a risk assessment tool to determine whether a defendant poses a danger to a victim when determining bail.

Click the link to read the bill

Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger quoted the following to the Butler Eagle called the bill package progress toward allowing victims more say in the criminal prosecution procedure.

“These bills allow additional input and interaction with my office and understanding the criminal justice system, and for my office understanding the way they (victims) feel about the potential outcome of the case,” he said. “This gives them (victims) more interaction with the entire process rather than relying on getting the word third hand.”

VOICe in Butler is said to be ecstatic about this bill, Karen Berg will now be able to take her piss poor salvation army dressed self into court, lie out of her teeth more and get better results. Karen is pleased with her work screwing men over because she is such a shitty attorney she has to work for VOICe

This bill is a potential disaster for those falsely accused, you have no rights or defense when a PFA is filed, you will now be stripped of everything even if falsely accused. Anyone accused of a PFA will have your life turned upside down, you will lose everything and look like a monster, this bill now makes it easier even if a lie to take your home, children, phone..basically anything you have worked for in life..even if the pfa was a flat out lie.

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