Unattractive girl charged with two felony drug cases over weed

Angela Stietenroth, 22, was pulled over two times this past week, and both times resulted in her arrest for drugs, possessing drugs and all the wonderful charges that get you probation in Butler

Officers seized nearly $700 in currency and more than 2 ounces of suspected marijuana in the stop Saturday night on West Brady Street.

Two Saturdays earlier, police had confiscated $701 in cash and about 2 ounces of marijuana after pulling over a car.

She is being held in Butler County Prison on $60,000 bail, on charges in two felony drug cases.




  1. She will get her act together & provide to society in positive ways. You guys are sick, talking trash like that. Help, not hinder her progress in life. She’s a pretty person who does not need to see/hear you talking like that.


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