Downtown hotel opens, and it was a flop

Only three guests will be checking into the Marriott SpringHill Suites on East Jefferson Street. A grand opening will be held at a later date, even though this was an official opening date.

Twelve staff members are currently employed at the hotel in either a part or full-time capacity but more will be added in the future. Front desk and housekeeping positions are currently open.




  1. Well if you think about it, how do you open a hotel anyway?? Not like people drive past and say “it’s open! Let’s go!” Just gotta activate online booking and wait. So it’ll take people realizing it’s open. Cheapest room is $80 a night. So it doesn’t just need guests but guests with money


    • From what i understand hotels are for people who come into town for vacation or for work purposes.Not to many people come into Butler for either.But it opens up a spot for vacating drug dealers who come into town for work or to get they work off ya feel me.It seems like it might be another trap spot like Days inn or Super 8 but a lil cleaner lol or just a literal trap to trap niggas.But ehh they’ll have the money to spend other than people coming in town to ride our beautiful bike trail or nature parks.Like what do people come to town for nowadays?


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