Police investigate drive by shooting involving Mackenzie Peters

Butler City Police responded to the area of North 6th Avenue for reports of shots fired, according to police scanner traffic. North 6th Avenue was then closed from West Penn to Wood streets by officers. There was a heavy police presence in the area.

According to scanner traffic and these are details the police refuse to release, baby killer and abuser Machenzie Peters and her boyfriend were driving a car registered to Lori Nash, A 2012 Chrysler White.

Police scanner traffic said Peters was the driver of the car, her and her boyfriend Raheem were offended when they saw his “ex” walking down the street and opened fire on two women, one woman with a stroller.

Police will NOT give a lot of details at the moment, and for some reason there have been no warrants issued at this time.


UPDATE: 4/8/2017

Here is a short update, the car driven by Peters was recovered in Pittsburgh. Sources tell Butler News that the car had at least one bullet hole in it. Residents tell Butler News that there was not one shooter but two the night the shooting took place.

Residents tell Butler News that the white car a 2012 Chrysler owed by Lori Nash, and driven by Peters was the initial shooter, as the parties inside of the car were shooting a black male then returned fire at the white car.

When asked for a comment from police Butler News was given no comment. One police source told Butler News “the incident is under investigation”




  1. No worries. She won’t catch a single charge. And if she does, it’ll be like conspiracy recklessly endangering another or something extremely minor and we ALL know it.

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  2. Just think, if the child in the stroller was killed she would have been involved with 2 children being killed in two consecutive years. Deffinetly Mother of the Year material. Of course the 2018 child would not have been raped first. I doubt there could be a punishment harsh enough for the nasty Ho. I will bet though the Sexist Macho Man may have an idea or two what should happen to her.
    Again Welcome to Butler, the criminal friendly community.


  3. Brother there isn’t much that needs to be said. She slipped through the cracks the first time because she was a woman. She will slip through again because she is with a person of ethnicity the second time. We need to just come together as a city and slay this witch and bury her in the junkie hall of fame after we have her perform live sex shows with grizzly bears at the Penn theatre.. she gets 0 slim Jim’s and we can all defecate on top of her from step ladders. She serves no purpose I hope her and her fucked up family read this and realize how they should jump the fuck off of the picklegate.

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  4. What comes around goes around. She may feel very invincible since getting off for killing her child and feel she can do whatever. She will be in prison soon for something.


  5. No warrants issued but theres 2 people being name dropped.Hmmm but police got the car.Prob a lack of evidence no shell casings prob had a .38 no bodys.Dude who shot off prob skipped town by now or hiding cus people like yo raheem u was on butler citizen they saying u bucked off on your ex an he like oh shit.But as for girly she should be in the BCP since its prob goin against her probation and history.So she prob is a certified snitch or she know someone who knows someone.That shit crazy no warrants issued.


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