Mike Kelly Makes The Most Of His Congressional Work Period Visiting Local Industry Sites

Credit Mercerstarnews.com

From Butler to Erie, from steel mills to chocolate factories, this most recent district work period allowed me to travel all over Western Pennsylvania to visit the people and places that help make our district proud and prosperous said Congressman Mike Kelly Today.

“In every measurable way, thanks to the combination of lower taxes, commonsense deregulation, and a tougher trade posture that’s putting American workers first, our nation’s economy is thriving as new jobs, wages, and confidence continue to climb. As a representative, my duty is to make sure that this economic growth is being felt by everyone in every corner of our district. “

“This past week at home was a perfect opportunity for me to check in with some our region’s most fascinating companies and hear firsthand how Congress can help them stay strong. I was glad to take full advantage of it.”



One comment

  1. What a joke,the man’s never done an honest days labor in his life.
    He will regret jumping on the Trump bandwagon.


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