Brittany Hartos, 25, arrested after making tuff talk threats of killing District Attorney Richard Goldinger

Brittany M. Hartos, 25, faces a charge of terroristic threats after state police investigated a phone call she made Saturday to the National Crisis Hotline and made threats against Richard Goldinger. During the call she allegedly said she would go to Goldinger’s house or to where he works to kill him.

What should be noted is that the hotline offers confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, clearly this is not the case with this hotline.

Fax Butler News




  1. Confidentiality is essential when dealing with client information. However, as workers we have an obligation and duty to warn an individual of a potential threat against their life. The hotline did nothing wrong here. Any crisis hotline would be expected and should do the same


  2. A woman broken down, emotional issues gets plastered in the media.
    She called for help, vented, and arrested.
    Do not call mental help lines.


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