Robert Myers Sr,50, pleas guilty after his tv pisses him off and he shoots it

Robert M. Myers Sr., 50, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct after being charged with shooting a gun into a television and wall during an argument in September. The plea agreement calls for payment of restitution and fines, and to continue in therapy at the location where he completed anger management courses.

Police said Myers took the girlfriend’s son’s phone and Xbox 360 outside and fired a .45-caliber pistol at the items during the argument, before going back inside and firing two more rounds into a television in the son’s bedroom.

His girlfriend was standing in the bedroom doorway near the TV, police said. One of the rounds, police noted, passed through the outside wall of the home and onto the street.

No one was hurt.




  1. It was the kid’s X box now the poor youngster has to find an old Pacman machine and some quarters. He’ll be made fun of at school, have physiological issues where he may be causing society more problems. This could be a big problem for all because Bubba shot the X box.

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  2. holy shit your right. now he will have to actually do the chores he was asked to do, go outside and actually interact with people. in few years we may see him on here for shop lifting at walmart and living in renfrew banging his cousin ( but still living in moms basement)

    I just don’t see the issue why they locked this guy up. his house, his gun, his rules. I might go bail him out pay for his lawyer!

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  3. Beelzebub, you are right and I should of been more compassionate. I will give those people my Nintendo 64 with the game that came with it for unlimited family fun. Mario and Duck Hunt. Jr can work at saving the princess and Dad can blast ducks. I think I can scrounge up an old 19″ RCA tv to play it on. But Jr can only play Mario when his chores are done.


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