Austin “Jay” Ayers,19, scams another victim

Austin Ayers of 601 Evans city road (moms basement) has scammed another victim.

I called State Police asking if reports were made and they confirmed there have been reports made from other people.

Police ask that you call your local department or PSP if you have been ripped off by that basement dwelling idiot.



  1. Yet he’s getting in no trouble?? He’s facing those charges and actively breaking laws. Should he not be in prison where he’s not fucking people over?? Gotta be the stupidest shit to do when your actively in a legal mess. And I’m sure he’s on pre-trial probation since he was bailed out. He was on probation from hacking Armstrong when he was a minor when he got arrested for that other shit. Seems odd someone can break so many laws and not get in any more troube

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    • Beezle we want to punish him not make his wildest dreams. Why don’t we surround him by decent looking women and party drugs and say he is a very successful business man. Pretty sure that’d be as embarrassing as ever once mommy tells him it’s dinner. O ya


  2. How long is this guy going to go on like this before it all catches up with him? Why does his mom continue to stick up for him and enable him instead of making him get a real job and get some good counselling that he really needs…


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