Weitzmen Metal Of New Castle Earns 500 Plus Citations From State.

The owner of the Ben Weitsman metal recycling plant on Moravia Street in New Castle said he expects to receive a total of 500 traffic citations.

Each Citation represents a car or truck title that they failed to submit to the state when scrapping and destroying a vehicle for scrap.

This is a measure used to prevent car theft and the sale of parts from stolen cars.

However, the firm has not been accused of theft or running a chop shop only for failing to file proper papers with the state.




  1. the law around that is. if a vehicle is cut into 2 foot square pieces upon entering the yard. its not required to “junk” the title. Id bet they are old cars that the titles are long gone. the great state actually lost a shit load of titles of 1950’s threw 1977 titles a while back. looks like they are covering their asses. gov wolf must need more money for the welfare cases to sit at home and eat bon bons. since weed is legal


  2. Legally one has to have a title for a scrap yard to accept/ junk it. Some yards won’t accept them even cut up without title. Ol wives tale, times r changing. Well some yards still try to get away w it & hide them. Copies of Titles have to be kept in office and actual titles get mailed into the state. People try to bend the rules by cutting them up when they’ve lost the title. Some yards still won’t take them. It can be comical when they bring ’em in all cut up thinking they’re good. Then u have to turn them away. This co. is in trouble & it’s because they didn’t obey the law. Now if they’d been ilegally selling fake internet service, overdosing while driving on heroin, or even performing a drive by shooting. Then they’d have been okay with the corrupt butler court system. Oh wait my bad, another county might actually prosecute people doing those things too? Just not butler where its always Christmas at the da office unless you’re not on their side of course. Anyway hope this yard learns their lesson & stops acting like they don’t need to require & monitor the titles with the state. Bullshit people can take your car & scrap it. Guess some r ok w that I’m not. Not right or fair laws are laws.


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