Goldinger proves he is two faced by filing bogus charges against woman that says she wanted to kill him

Brittany Hartos, 25, remains sitting in the Butler County Prison on an insane bond of $100,000.00 for threatening to kill Richard Goldinger, this all stemmed from her calling a crisis hotline to make the threats when she was “freaking out” according to the hotline reported that made the report.

An employee with the crisis hot line informed police that Hartos had “threatened to go to Goldinger’s house and kill him,” – “and to also go to his work and kill him if she could not find him.” Anyone with a brain realizes he works at the court house and it would be impossible for the most part to get a gun into the courthouse.  The employee advised investigators that Hartos said she “would find a gun if necessary,” The hot line is also known as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is a confidential service that provides counseling and offers resources to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.

She admitted during questioning to making threats on the phone to a crisis hot line employee “because the District Attorney refused to prosecute her rape case.

Goldinger did nothing more then abuse his power so far with this case, charging this crazy woman with Felony 1 Aggravated Assault. And misdemeanor charges of terroristic threats and simple assault. She was later placed in the county jail. The real issue is the Aggravated assault will NEVER stand up in court, nor should this woman have ever been charged with something like this.

Hartos has no arrested history, and is beyond disturbed that the district attorney in her words “let her rapist walk free” she is also a 2017 graduate with a job at the same place for the last three years according to court records.

Here is the thing about Dick Goldinger, he is two faced, if you are in his click you have special privileges. Anyone wanna hear a story about how two faced this guy is? It it going to lead me down a bad path with him, but really, no fucks are given at this point.

A few years ago I was on a decent speaking level with Goldinger, when Butler Trash was the hottest thing in Butler I had someone send me pictures of my house and post online that he was going to kill me. I figured I would email all of this to Goldinger in case I had to viciously assault or hurt someone that felt froggy.

Goldinger sent me back (yes still have the emails) that ” I can not prosecute someone that makes threats on the telephone or online” -Well, it sure looks like you can when the threat is drafted to you right Dick?

These charges are uncalled for, and they will be dropped down to nothing. But the real deal is the District Attorney and future judge is now getting his rocks off by letting this woman sit in jail on trumped up charges with excessive bail. This is the future Judge when Doerr retires or gets caught sending more dick picks. Butler is screwed!





  1. wow butler is the low of lows in their court system. refused to prosecute rape case. thats just wrong. women need protected not ignored. look at explore they hammer dirt bags, butler makes them hero’s. WOW just fucking WOW

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  2. Disgraceful how this story is plastered in the local news including this site. A troubled woman, probably raped, at her lowest desperate point calls for help and gets raped again.


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