Jordan Lambing’s mother pleads guilty to charges in connection with Bentley Millers death

Kristen Lee Herold, 43, of Wexford entered the guilty plea.

Herold’s attorney, Al Lindsay, requested immediate sentencing Tuesday, but Doerr rejected that request, saying a pre-sentence investigation was needed. He set Herold’s sentencing for May 3.

A plea agreement with prosecutors calls for a sentence of 18 to 60 months in state prison for helping cover up the death of a raped, beaten and drugged four year old child.

Herold was charged by police a day after Bentley’s death, after officers found her and Lambing hiding in a Walker Avenue house.

Investigators say Herold provided false information in an attempt to hide Lambing from police, and also failed to get medical help for Bentley on the morning of the assault.

Police say Lambing on March 21, 2017, sexually assaulted the boy in a room at the Super 8 motel on Pittsburgh Road, Butler Township, leaving him with injuries that resulted in his death. After this she took the child’s lifeless body for a car ride, where the child ultimately died.




  1. Oh and I found out that all private attorneys are indeed on a rotation on having to be a public defender. Her case is so hopeless their best recourse was to get immediate sentencing to start getting it over with. That’s pretty bad haha. And sure enough they won’t allow that. Which is good.


      • Just wondering about this. I thought cys let her keep the baby she had w “baby killer” lambing? Or has something changed & I missed it. I wondered how she has so much free time on her hands to do loser stuff? I just thought I remembered the public being outraged that bs cys & Charlie “karma comes back around” Johns allowing her to actually keep the child. Maybe her ahole dad or lesbian
        mother helps, don’t know. Just that “kenzo benzo” & her new bf need fixed. This “mother” lambing, herold whatever did the wrong thing & looks like she’s already headed straight for hell.


  2. They can’t use a punishment for her,that waste of sperm kid of hers or that skank ho Peters that is cruel enough. Hanging is too kind.


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