Shame on congress for the Facebook hearings

Congress, the bulk of which are useless and create nothing, should be ashamed of it complete and total lack of ethics when for political purpose they Grand stand at Mark Zuckerberg and at Facebook’s experience.

Congress has time and time again voted for and voted to fund the US Government observances Of every move you make.

First they listen to every call you make and track who you call.

Second they fly over your head and look down.

They use data from digital
Car registration and easy pass and traffic cameras that know where you go and have photos of it.

They mine Library computers to see what you read.

The post office if you apply can send you photos of your mail
Hours before it’s delivered.

The census department quizzes you ever ten years and if you get the long form they ask everything from what college you attended to how many toilets you have.

Every credit transaction is watched, every tax return tracked and stored.

Social security knows every job you had and every dollar you make.

The treasury department tracks your banking and deposit history.

Your voting registration tells anyone who asks who you typically vote for and your voting record is tracked.

So when congress worries that someone can like you based on the fact you went to the same high school, or target an add to you because your a 45 year old woman or 22 year old man who lives in zip code 12345 its a minor thing, it’s a smoke and mirrors.

From day one on the internet transaction logs have existed.

Facebook has billions in cost giving you the user a free service.

But nothing is free. Someone, somewhere is paying for it. They don’t pay for something and not expect a return on investment.

Google, bing, yahoo, Walmart, your local news papers know what you read most, what hour you read it, if you used a laptop, desk top or cell phone.

So for congress to bust Mark Zuckerberg’s balls for allowing the US Government to go so much further when it comes to watching you 24/7 they need a reality check when they become a critic of his company when most of them are to stupid to even use his very simple invention.

Shame on Congress




  1. You speak the truth! The last thing the government wants is competition. I bet the legislatures are pissed Mark Z. found a better way to collect on people, and he suckered people into doing it willingly! How much you want to bet the regulation includes a backdoor into all the data Mark Z. and other sites have on Americans?


  2. News flash! Facebooks sells your personal information to entities who then use it to try and influence you!

    In other late-breaking news, Congress will conduct hearings to investigate allegations that automobile tire manufacturers have for years been inflating their products with compressed air. Film at 11.


  3. No, Facebook and other social media platforms should not be regulated. People need to learn nothing is private on the internet. The government does not need to run in and protect you from Mark Zuckerberg. You need to regulate yourself and use some common sense about what you put on the world wide web. Facebook is not private, even private groups on Facebook are not private. Facebook skims your private messages and your private groups looking for abuse. If they have that ability via software coding; who else has that ability?

    You need to learn that if you do not want it made public you do not put it on the internet, anywhere, period. Every single site on the internet is hackable; Craigslist, Backpage, Swinglifestyle, Reddit, and every single pseudo-private social media platform . Once a site is hacked where you have photos, messages, and what-have-you on that site, you lose control over what happens to the information. You cannot get it back.

    Grow up and stop putting nudes and your lascivious lifestyle on the web to make people think you are cool, and then complain and moan when it goes public. The internet is public, period. Stop and think about what you are saying and posting if you do not want people having a view into your private matters.

    Stop being an idiot and then blaming others for your stupidity and naivete.


  4. Amen Mojo. There’s this piece of paper that’s called the constitution that the libtards have been trying to destroy for years … with the right people in place , it very well could happen. First they’ll disarm us then silence us. Take a couple quick reads through world history, it’s happened before in that order.


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