Tyrone Higgins, 35, pleas guilty to selling fake drugs,gets state prison for not selling real drugs

Tyrone Higgins, 35, pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to commit possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance and misdemeanor false identification.

The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 15 to 45 months in state prison, fines and court costs when he is sentenced on May 3rd

He was charged along with Kashmir Wissinger, 27, who pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance in this case. She was then immediately sentenced to 15 to 45 months in a state correctional facility, as well as the payment of court costs.

If he would have just sold real drugs he could have got himself some probation



One comment

  1. wow, no racial profiling in butler, whitey sells real drugs get probation, brother sells fake shit gets time. Ill bet this guy has bigger dick pics than judge! so get him off the street. the corruption in butler county is mind blowing. satan loves corruption (and catholic priest) keeps HELL full

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