Brandi Berry, 36,gets a small amount of time for heroin sales

Brandi Berry, 36, gave a riveting speech filled with bullshit in court when she was sentenced for heroin sales, saying her father introduced and helped her get heroin, and this alone is the reason she is addicted and sold heroin so she could support her habit.

She said her father offered her a bag of heroin to cope with hardships in her life, telling her “I could try it just one time without becoming addicted.”

Four years later, Berry said, she was living under a bridge in Pittsburgh after losing her home and children and almost dying from an overdose.

Berry was sentenced to 9 to 18 months in Butler County Prison, she was given credit for 249 days in jail, so she should be released any day now to get out and enjoy using heroin again one would suspect.





  1. If anyone knows where to find her when she gets out and forgets about Jesus and her new way at life lmk. She looks toothless so it would be a good bj.


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