Mackenzie Peters, Raheem Robinson arrested for attempted homicide

Mackenzie Baby killer Peters, 22, of Butler and Raheem Robinson, 26, of Butler, arrested Friday on attempted homicide charges stemming from an April 5 shooting incident in the 300 block of North Sixth Avenue.

Both were being held without bond in the Butler County Prison.

Peters was charged with attempted homicide, eight counts of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, tampering with or fabricating evidence and criminal conspiracy.

Robinson was charged with the same charges



  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before this nasty bitch was in trouble for something else. Question is who fired the gun? If it was her ugly ass boyfriend she may skate again.

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  2. That dude looks so tough lol. So tough he had to use a gun. It,s just sad what’s happening to this city. I was no angel either but I’ve changed and this stuff is disgusting when you are dumb enough to shoot a gun in a city you could kill anybody retards. And this vile nasty woman needs to rot in hell she’s a freaking baby killer that walked. If I farted wrong I went to prison now they’re letting all this idiots walk. Clean up Butler.

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  3. Yeah she def won’t be convicted of any of the actual charges as they are if she was just driving. Conspiracy maybe. But also, what are the 8 counts of aggravated assault from? If it was just the girl and her kid. That’s not 8 counts. That’s 2 (or 3 if she’s pregnant… can’t remember if I read she was or not) but also should be 3 counts of attempted murder for him at least.


    • shit dawg, you know thats T bird and MD 20/20. $1.65 a bottle n shit. this rodent can buy drugs, booze, smokes, but cannot pay child support! this is why one needs to spay and neuter strays!

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