Paul Claypoole, 40, gets time served after sexually abusing a 15 year old boy

Paul Claypoole, 40, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor indecent assault yesterday morning, the plea calls for 11½ to 23 months in Butler County Prison, followed by probation and 15 years registration as a sexual offender.

Butler police filed the charges after a witness reported seeing Claypoole assaulting the child through a window of a Center Avenue home.

Claypoole has this time served in Butler County Prison and should be getting out very soon after he signs up for Megans law and probation has a home plan

fat cunt



  1. That fat fuck stain should rolled into a pit and stoned …. I hope everyone remembers this stuff when our candy ass judges & the D.A. come up for re-election


  2. Wow seriously never thought of that. Castration should literally be the penalty. But obviously major jail time as well. These types of sick fucks NEVER stop pedos. Not once will you ever hear someone talk about how they used to be sexually attracted to children and probably just about all of them abuse again and again. This is the most fucked up thing about the system out of everything. Seriously. These people should never get to walk the earth ever again. If you can do this shit to a child for the love of god you’re FUCKED


  3. I think they should use a cattlebander, with a small stainless steel cable under it. Take him into a wood shed. Nail the free end of the cable to the floor. Leave him a rusty hacksaw blade. The hacksaw will not cut stainless cable. Step outside, lock the door set the shed on fire. Problem solved how ever the perv wants.


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