Mackenzie Peters tells guards inside of the jail she did nothing wrong “shouldn’t be here”

Mackenzie Peters was booked Friday in the Butler County prison on multiple felony charges after a drive by shooting in the City of Butler last week. Here is the list of charges Peters is facing.

Peters was charged with attempted homicide, eight counts of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, tampering with or fabricating evidence and criminal conspiracy.

Robinson was charged with the same charges and an additional count of persons not to possess firearms.

Sources are telling Butler News that mother of the year can not keep her mouth shut, immediatly telling a source at the jail that she “should not he in here” -” I did nothing wrong” and finally “All I was doing was driving a god damn car, I didn’t know”

Upon being booked into the jail Peters was drug tested as per policy, souces also conform with Butler News that the urine testing came back as to what is know as “hot” or “dirty” This means she failed her initial urine test and is facing more violations of her probation.

Peters when asked if she wanted protective custody stated “no-I have no enemies” At this time Peters remains in lock up in the holding section of the facility.

The bitch really is bat shit crazy! If you want to learn more about this pig, click the links below.




  1. If she thinks she has no enemies she is on way too much dope. This mother of the Year needs to stay in a cage and be sterilized so no other child has to endure the hell Bentley endured. Sick Bitch.


  2. Yeah for sure she won’t face even half of those charges I bet my life. Tech they should be “conspiracy” and he should get the attempted homicide and such. If it were like that I bet those charges would stick because I bet most of these won’t. Which is fucked up


  3. I guess no one has figured out why she does not get real time. she is a snitch! she had been setting people up, and telling police all about drug rings. look back at most of the larger bust. all in her circle of druggies. a little bird in the know let this info slip out.

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  4. Yeah she only got 2 counts of agg assault. Plus the attempted homicide and over charges. So I can not wait to see the outcome of this


  5. Here’s a shocker, kenzo is being represented by none other than-the da’s office. I know no one saw that coming…lol so yea she’ll be getting off for probably all the charges.
    Wonder what physical evidence she tampered with?? Only people manufacturing fake drugs get time in this town. Ain’t playin’ round here, just a crooked af court system. It will cause a riot, people have had enough. Also the people she snitched on I’m sure know. How long can snitching keep the bitch where she belongs? Not having fun at the Y. Locked up, with the others in her “ring”. Sick of the court system in this town failing the good people.

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    • Actually it looks like the da’s office is representing her bf as well. According to doc portal anyway. Seems like after all posted about the dad being close to the da himself, that this may be a conflict of interest. Just total bullshit in this as said below, “criminal friendly county”.


  6. The citizens can always recall/petition for removal of elected officials but it usually never happens because the sheeple are too lazy to do anything beyond eat and sleep and stare into their smartphones.

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