Kraft Heinz creates condiment conflict with new ‘Mayochup’

“Mayochup” is already available internationally, but U.S. consumers have yet to find the condiment  a pre-mixed mayonnaise-ketchup product made by Kraft Heinz  in stores.

By early Thursday afternoon there were more than 500,000 votes, with 55 percent in favor of the hybrid. Several of the nearly 8,000 comments responding to the survey were celebratory.

Predictably, however, some of the voting populace engaged in terse Twitter debate about the proposed product, finding the idea more wretched than wonderful.

The marriage of ketchup and mayo is not new, said some, outraged at what they believe is a rebranding of “fry sauce,” a condiment thought to have originated in Utah. While some were curious about the new product, many fry sauce adherents lamented the seeming abandonment of the fry sauce name.

Kraft Heinz said the name “mayochup” is somewhat polarizing. It has committed to putting the final name up for vote if the product launches.




One comment

  1. This will probably be a flop but who knows. I have been in Utah many times and yea that is where french fry sauce came from. I make it myself all the time since I usually have ketchup and mayo in my fridge.
    I really dont see a need for me to go with someone else’s creation, just one more jar to buy. Plus theirs looks very pale, gotta be a little more red.
    Save your money and make your own it is awesome.


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