Jordan Lambing in court, attorney askes to review autopsy evidence in the rape and murder of a 4 year old

Defense counsel for a Butler man charged in the death of a 4-year-old child are still waiting to review autopsy evidence.

Public Defender Kevin Flaherty told President Judge Thomas Doerr Wednesday that the forensic pathologist and medical expert hired by the defense has yet to review autopsy slides and forensic tissue samples taken in the homicide case against Keith Jordan Lambing, 20.

Flaherty asked for more time in the case.

At this time Lambing remains in the RHU at the jail, and he is looking fat as fuck.

Read more about Lambing and the past news by clicking these links





  1. Are they F@#&$ng Kidding. Mine and your tax money wasted on this waste of sperm. Him, his douchebag mother and that nasty slut drug addict Ho Peters should be at the bottom of the BASA shit ponds across from the Super 8 where the crimes against Bentley were committed

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  2. the fucking court system is unfrucking real. then again laws are written for criminals not the average law abiding citizen. this bearded sicko needs to have his sentence be done to him what he did to that small child. I read this shit and cannot believe the some of the low life shit in butler county. the child molesters are the worst! and that asshole from day care on 68 is out on the street. he will strike again. just like the inbreeders in the county. unreal

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