Curtis Flick, 32,charged with driving on drugs after hit-and-run crash last month in Summit Township.

Curtis Flick, 32, of Fenelton was charged with driving on drugs stemming from a hit-and-run crash last month in Summit Township.

Police said Flick’s sport utility vehicle March 23rd struck a parked car while exiting the Dollar General parking lot on Route 422.

A witness reported that the defendant got out of his SUV, walked around the vehicle for a while and then returned to his vehicle and drove away.

A trooper came upon Flick a short time later near a gas station. He was changing the front left tire of his SUV. Police said he appeared impaired and later was taken for a drug recognition expert’s evaluation following field sobriety testing.

Toxicology results from a blood test at Butler Memorial Hospital showed he had a number of drugs in his system including the prescription medication clonazepam, cocaine and fentanyl.

Flick is charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, hit-and-run, driving a vehicle without insurance, disobeying traffic control devices and improperly entering or crossing a road.




  1. you would need to be on drugs to go out in public looking like that. fonzy its not the 1980’s anymore! the go-tee originated in prison to show you were available and would hold one in your mouth till the swelling goes down!

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