Michael A. McCoppin,31,arrested for paying with fake money

Michael A. McCoppin, who was arrested Wednesday on forgery and additional minor charges. Police say  McCoppin was at Kelly Chevrolet on Route 8 shortly before 3 p.m. Monday when he approached a woman in the parking lot, according to court documents.

He asked the woman, who was in a vehicle, if she had a $100 bill in exchange for five 20s. She said she did and the exchange was made.

The defendant, who was wearing a hat and eyeglasses, by then was already walking into the dealership. The woman followed him inside and reported to others what just happened.

The suspect took off his hat and glasses to hide his appearance long enough so he could make his way through the showroom and out a back door.

Police said that before McCoppin left the dealership, he discarded five additional counterfeit 20-dollar bills he was carrying in a garbage can at the business.

Police said the getaway was captured on surveillance cameras and they subsequently recovered the fake bills from the trash can.

Sue Haggerty on Wednesday arraigned McCoppin on a felony charge of forgery and lessor charges of theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

He also is charged with summary counts of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.





  1. Doctor, maybe he needed some real cash to buy a razor and clearasil. Maybe shoplifting at Dollar General seemed too difficult. Or maybe he’s just like you said A DUMBASS.

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  2. I’m wondering what his motive was doing this at Kelly’s. I am thinking if he ripped Kelly off he wouldn’t need to worry about getting a get outta jail free card at court. He would be a smell in a dumpster or swimming with the turds at BASA lake on Route 8.


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