Dog owners reminded of tags , officers searching for fine money now.

Butler County Treasurer Diane Marburger told the Butler Eagle (yesterdays news today) Thursday that she recently attended a meeting with other county treasurers and found that her counterparts are dealing with a flurry of dog owners coming to the treasurer’s office to buy a licenses for their pets.

The upswing in dog license sales, Marburger said, is due to recent news article on Butler News (of course the eagle will not say this) alerting residents that state workers are canvassing communities to ensure dogs are properly licensed.

Although she has not seen a surge in dog license sales at her office in the county government center, one may be coming.

“They are canvassing Butler County now,” Marburger said.

The state workers, Marburger said, are permitted to access private property and knock on doors to see if residents have their dogs licensed. Let me add something, they might be permitted but if they do not have a warrant you do not have to speak to them, and you can throw them right off of your property. The supreme court is deciding a case right now about this sort of thing. If you have a gate and it is locked, they may not enter your property. And you do not have to speak to them or show your animal to them.

Marburger said while new dog licenses are to be purchased by Jan. 1 and last until Dec. 31, dog owners will not be penalized for buying their dog licenses late.

However, dog owners found by the state canvassers to be without licenses for any dog aged 3 months or older could be fined $300.

Annual dog licenses cost between $4.50 and $8.50, depending on the owner’s age and whether the dog is spayed or neutered. This again is a fantastic way for the state to make some money off folks that are hardworking.

Licenses are available at Marburger’s office on the first floor of the county government center on West Diamond Street, and at many farm stores and libraries.



One comment

  1. So the county won’t convict theives, drug dealers, perverts, or murderers BUT you better get your dog licensed.
    Other than me is anyone else thinking WTF.
    My thought on this is that all law abiding follow the laws citizens reading this should go to Walmart, shoplift a bag of dog food and if you get caught plead not guilty or no contest. Ask for PD and in a day or so you’ll be released from all charges including the no dog license.
    Those who don’t get caught, of which that is really possible get a free bag of dog food thus you can use the money you save on dogfood to buy your dog license.
    It’s a win win situation.


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