Clecy Thompson, 28, was sentenced to one year of county probation after being charged with Burglary

Clecy Thompson, 28, was sentenced to one year of county probation after being charged with Burglary. He was also ordered to pay court costs, a $100 fine and $200 in restitution, as well as complete any recommended counseling by the Butler County Adult Probation Office and complete 20 hours of community service.

Thompson told the courts that he was “sorry for his actions”

Thompson was initially charged with felony burglary, theft, misdemeanor defiant trespass and loitering and prowling at night after an incident in the 500 block of Virginia Avenue on Jan. 8, 2017.

The theft charge to which he pleaded was later changed to a misdemeanor and the remaining charges were dismissed as part of the plea.

Let it be known, when he tried to break into the home there were two children inside of the home. my nigga




  1. Mr Thompson:
    You deffinetly need a better attorney. The story right below yours has some 19 year old getting the same sentence. He was busted for 2 thefts, running from the police, having accomplices,a couple other charges. That got him the same 1 year probation. If they would sentence and fine him for the scraggly ass sorta wanna be beard that should tack on another year in jail so we in Butler County won’t have to look at it. Of course he could possibly have mange.
    Where did your lawyer come from, send him back. Your sentence is harsher than that slut, skank ho Peters got for letting her own son get raped then murdered just so she could stay F@#&Ed up.
    Or next time just shoplift Walmart, the normal sentence for that is, stand in the corner of the magistrates office for an hour or write I will not forget items in my cart 100 times. Even at that I hear they take the defendant to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. It has to be something like that since the same crime happens alot.
    Butler the Criminal Friendly County.

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  2. I agree, with a neatly trimmed beard you don’t stand a chance. in butler county a few things are brought into the equation for sentencing. 1. the level of how inbred the person is. higher the level, less the sentence. 2. number of times caught, more you get caught less your sentence. 3. severity of crime, child molesters from a day care get less sentence then a seller of fake drugs. and so on. 4. color of your skin, pale drug users with sores get less time than a tan bimbo from SRU, a pale drug using skank will be out in days compared to the brothers! 5. if you can produce larger penis pictures than the judge sends around the court house,,,,, your screwed. my advice to you is, get a steelers hat and wear it backwards. then move to Renfrew, yes WE already have a village idiot that shoplifts with his cousin/girlfriend. but it would get the eyes off you. our little community is nice except for a couple morons and they are hilarious to watch.

    and just remember——-> the person who said crime does not pay was NOT from Butler.

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