Butler County’s district attorneys office is worthless when it comes to victums

Lets talk about the Butler County District Attorneys office for a minute, they are WORTHLESS.

What does this stem from? Months ago a loser that lives in his mothers basement named Austin Ayers of 601 Prospect road, talked a little gay shithead named Ryan Ehramn (Yes they were dating so they were homosexual, whatever) into shooting my home with a BB gun.

While I was watching tv I hear something hitting my house, this little cowardly bitch shot my house up over 10 times with a BB gun while driving down the road. I personally was going out the door to end his miserable life when my girlfriend called the State Police.

Ayers then like a coward ran, troopers showed up at my house and were two great guys, they knew who Ayers was and they said they will look into it. Mind you I had video of these idiots shooting my house with kids inside.

LUCKILY for Ayers and my freedom, Ayers was found first by PSP and arrested. Ayers then like a moron went on to post online that he had a good time shooting up my house. Yes he posted this online. PSP then arrested him and his mother Terri Ayers bonded him out on $50,000.00 bail.

That is when the issue with the DAs office started. They were WORTHLESS. I was sent paperwork to fill out for the loss and damage to my house. I then called the district attorneys office more then six times asking about the case-every-time I was told “we will call you back” They NEVER DID.

Ayers then was given a plea for one year probation for causing thousands of dollars in damages to my home. Guess what, he has to pay that back and I bet I NEVER see a dime of the money as that fucking loser sucks off the system.

I was told by the District Attorneys office that a plea would be made, and when he makes the plea they would alert me. NEVER DID.

The district attorneys office is useless, and sent a clear message that they do not give a shit what happens when kids are put in danger.

Dear Rich, come election time I am going to send a clear message by my page that you will be VOTED OUT.

Everyone is walking under Goldinger, and with 25,000 followers on 18 pages, all I have to say is “goodbye Rich”


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