Local Attorney Joel Hills makes an “idle threat” against Butler News over do not rent list

Local Attorney Joel Hills left the following amusing comment on Butler News on 4/24 over the “Do not rent list”

“Plaintiffs’ Counsel
April 24, 2018 at 11:39 am Edit
I happen to represent several of those people on the list in Court-appointed cases. I hope you have actual proof of what you are asserting beyond what defamatory slumlords say about people. Some independent verification would be best. I’d hope that you didn’t just jump to conclusions based upon claims made by interested and biased parties.

For instance, are you sure that those photos are prior to those same landlord(s) trashing people’s things after violating process, taking advantage of the poor people to whom it seems they only rent, and illegally evicting those who can’t afford to fight back? Are you sure those things aren’t in bags because of the cockroaches and bedbugs which infest the places these poor landlords rent before anyone moves in?

As to the assertions that the tenants take advantage of the system and/or taxpayer dollar, I would assume that these cases are almost entirely publicly funded as to rent payments, i.e HUD. So, are the poor people who need those services taking advantage, or are the landlords who rent the crapholes to those destitute people in exchange for government rent payments truly taking advantage?

In any event, we may be in touch.”

Hills who thought he may have had unanimity does not, in fact when you comment on Butler News I receive your IP number. Here is a copy of Hills information. Notice, he used a false email when contacting me.

“Plaintiffs’ Counsel

Hills goes on to make his ignorant statement when he should look in the mirror as HIS actions as of late, In fact hills charged one woman five hours of “services” to use a standard withdraw on a case.

Hills makes an absolute fabulous statement trying to maybe scare me? Saying the state has retained him for a persons  criminal case, wherefore this person should not be list, and he is going to take “legal action”

Joel, the state is not going to pay for that, and I am still “Happily waiting” for the legal action as I have a FANTASTIC attorney that loves to counter.

Let me be very clear, one can be a attorney-because you are an attorney that took advantage of one woman I know (I am filing a complaint with the bar tonight) please do not ever think I would back down from you bud, your comment is fallacious at best. But I will be waiting Joel, oh, your client has docket sheets to back the listing I am informed. This is PUBLIC INFORMATION. As well as I am not the OP. Maybe you should look into this thing called section 230 before you make idle threats.




  1. Attorney Hills if you want proof of what 3 of the ass wipes on that list did to my place feel free to contact me. I don’t care to get into this on this public forum. Why don’t you rent someone on that list a place. I am making sure I don’t use the word human, person or even animal when describing any of the 3 I dealt with.
    The legal system, the enabling charities and bleeding hearts are a good bit of the blame. I personally found out the hard way how bad it can go.
    Butler Citizen keep up the good work. I wish you published a list in April
    2017 as that would of saved me alot of frustration.
    Attorney Hills like I said I have first hand proof on 3 on the list,to include pictures, witnesses,court docket etc. Of course being Butler County the criminal comes out ahead.

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  2. obviously Hill uses your site to get more business from the dirt bags. since he cannot afford to pay for real advertising. he’s a low level attorney his grammar sucks, and his grrr animal tags don’t match on his clothes! for an attorney he knows nothing about HUD placed on landlords! soon he will have a man beard and steelers hat on backwards.

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  3. How about instead of being an ambulance chaser I am thinking he could pick up a few clients/ bucks if he gets a part time position at Walmart rounding up shopping carts or being the greeter. We all have to agree in a very short time some dumbass will try and shoplift and most likely an attorney will be needed.
    He could use a defense that Walmart makes shoplifting so lucrative it should be legal. Or maybe since cable is so expensive that the disadvantaged have a right to procure a smart TV so they can view TV as their peer group. The strategies are as endless as the immagination. Of course that is the same immagination that thinks all the septic tank scum tenants on that list are fine upstanding people.
    Again the 3 I am aquainted with deserve to live on a house boat in the middle of the BASA poop ponds.

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