Charges of recording the police dropped against Marcus Fair,32

Marcus A. Fair, 32,  was sentenced to 3-6 months in an unrelated case today.

In the September incident, Buffalo Township police said Fair threatened his wife with a kitchen knife during a domestic dispute at their Jacks Mobile Home Park residence on Linda Drive. Fairs wife denied this in court.

In the real case that brought national attention, Fair was jailed and charged with Felony wiretapping after recording his traffic stop with the corrupt Buffalo Township Police.

ALL wiretapping charges were dismissed.

In the February 2017 incident, Buffalo Township police said he refused to stop audio recording his conversation with a police officer during a traffic stop regarding a susb on North Pike Road.

The officer, according to court records, told the man that he did not have permission to record her voice and repeatedly asked him to stop before taking the phone, turning off the recording, arresting Fair and having his car towed.

Police in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM have the right to ask you to stop recording them during a traffic stop. It is fully legal to record the police when they pull you over, In fact I would recommend you to record the traffic stop when being pulled over.

Butler News spoke to Fair, Fair intends to pursue civil actions via an attorney against the Buffalo Township Police

Fair should be released from the jail today.




  1. Fields vs City of Philadelphia police department Pa Supreme Court we CAN record Police on duty in uniform secretly or openly. Read it and weep quit arresting people officers get to know the law u know from that badge of honor u wear

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  2. The screwed up part is that, although he was legally permitted to perform the action, he still spent time in prison for it. That’s what these cops count on. Yes, you can do it – but I’ll make you wish you hadn’t.


      • You nailed that butlercitizen….any other time we are arrested for recording the police it is a bailable offense but his felony for that recording caught him a probation violation so they are in a LOT of trouble. I can’t wrap my brain around how the officers pretend to play ignorance on this right to record law??? Since it is so prevalent in paper now and ACLU is winning cases at 100% rate you’d would think the Chief of Police or heads of police departments would put a directive out that if you arrest another person under this pretense you are FIRED.

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    • Yes but he will be able to sue the Buffalo Police Department and the District Attorney, the officer who arrested him and the judge who sentence him individually. They will all lose their qualified immunity as there was a big case in Pittsburgh Allegheny County where part of the judge order was for the Chief of Police to hold a meeting and INFORM his officers that anyone who continues this behavior can no longer claim immunity and ignorance of the law. One guy only spent two days in jail and he was awarded $ 150,000. Giving up 11 months of my life wrongfully in jail I’d need at least 2, 000,000. That’s a lot of time to be under the control of the state of committing no crime at all!


  3. Which is sad because that shows you how worthless some public defenders are. I say all of this not knowing the type of lawyer he had mind you so I am probable completely wrong in assuming he had a public defender. I should read up on shit before talking sometimes

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    • Joe Smith and Chuck Nedz are fantastic. Rest suck. They screwed this kid so bad that they assigned him Rebecca Black. He didn’t know this til I pointed it out, she was working for the law firm that represents buffalo twp police

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    • ANON…I think that not only the Public Defender but the DA, the entire police force there, the judges and anyone involved should have caught this. For some reason the police try to pretend they are protected under the wire tapping law…NO YOU ARE NOT…AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN UNIFORM AND ON DUTY YOU ARE NOT AFFORDED THE SAME PROTECTION A CITIZEN IS PERMITTED. I am going through this right now with a Mercer, PA State Trooper…I accidentally recorded a conversation I had with him after my daughter’s ex bf beat her up and we were all at his hearing….he ended up charging me and I had this video tape which exonerated me. He kept telling me to just pay the $ 200 fine and leave it along…I paid an attorney $ 4,500 to take this to court….my hearing is upcoming and I am playing my video and he claims he’s going to arrest me….I told him if you arrest me I’ll be in jail for an hour and you won’t have a job so let’s see what happens. I’ sick of these officers playing IGNORANCE to the law. I mean come officers…Rodney King opened that recording right up to all of us and every federal and supreme court as ruled in our favor including PA… Fields vs. City of Philadelphia Police OFficers…They will all be sued individually as that is what ACLU does….


      • Oh no doubt on earth this shouldn’t have ever even been threatened let alone get as far as being a charge. Oh and most law enforcement officers don’t have to follow laws on or off duty. Didn’t you know this? Ha. They get away with almost everything and are back out there at it again. It’s a big issue as we all know. I mean I just don’t get it. It’s a black and white law (recording) that just simply exists. Or I guess you can say doesn’t exist. I understand it’s annoying being recorded as an officer but it’s stupid to even make a comment about it knowing it’s not illegal. Now I don’t agree with those who record and immediately start problems and act disrespectful for no reason. That’s attention seeking for the wrong reasons. But to record an encounter to cover your ass, hell yes. Everyone will act right if they are being recorded AND you’re being respectful at the same time. And if they don’t, well, that’s their own dumb fault and they will be made an ass of.

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  4. Do the Buffalo Twp. police EVER get it right? Apparently they just hire people off the street, give them a badge and no training. I hope they start getting hit with civil suits soon. Citizens of Buffalo Twp. should be embarrassed.


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