Troy Cornman, arrested for Burglary and stalking

Troy Cornman Jr,32,of Freeport was arraigned on charges he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home last month.

Police were called about 8 a.m. March 18 to investigate the report of a man on the roof of the victim’s home in the 400 block of West Wayne Street, (yes the roof)

The woman told police that Cornman opened a bedroom window and entered the room “with half of his body through the window,”

Cornman is charged with burglary, trespass, stalking and harassment.

He was released on his own recognizance following arraignment.




  1. man beard and the hat. the thug starter kit, he gets style points for roof. but no points for dismount of roof. picture is perfect he is showing his IQ points with one hand. I wonder if the girlfriend is one of his relatives. only seem right in butler

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  2. His hat isn’t on backwards so that may up his points. I wonder if the fire department was called since he was on the roof. The part of the story that makes me laugh the best is the released on his own recongnizance. He was crazy enough to get on a roof to stalk his cousin/sister/prom date or woman he wanted to impress.
    Once again let him back on the street he in Butler.

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