Local girl arrested after driving double the legal limit of intoxication

Sydney Trufley, 22, of Summit Township was charged with being more than twice the state’s legal limit for alcohol stemming from a traffic stop earlier this month in Center Township. Police said they stopped her on March 14 for swerving in her lane on Route 8 near Unionville Road.

She failed field sobriety tests and was taken for a breath test that showed her blood-alcohol level was 0.176 percent. In Pennsylvania, a level of 0.08 percent is considered intoxicated.

Trufley is charged with driving under the influence, disregarding traffic lanes and careless driving.




    • she appears to be good kid. not like the druggies we normally comment on. a good friend got a DUI last summer sleeping in his car at stop light on main. he was on here last year. good guy bad choice.


  1. I hear that alot. When I was 19 a friend of mine and me where hit head on. It was a very bad accident. We where both almost killed by a good guy who had a bad day. He was at at bar drinking all day.stole a car at the bar and crossed the center line in a turn.
    Buck and I had many broken bones and internal injuries. They drunk driver who I knew vaguely also had alot of injuries. This was 1973 so things were different. His punishment was a $45 fine for driving to fast for conditions,it was raining. The owner of the stolen car didn’t press charges and was paid $500 for the car.
    Our lives all changed drastically. I have never drank and drove. I don’t tolerate drunk drivers what so ever.
    I hope she cleans up her act but will she.
    Butler Citizen keep up the good work.

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  2. And I stand by that. drinking and driving is fundamentally the most selfish thing anyone could ever do. Period. I belong to a group known as PA Team DUI and have experienced plenty of tragedy in my 12 years of being an emergency responder so I am with you.

    She got caught. Before she ended up killing someone or herself. Knowing that she isn’t a fuck off, gotta give her a chance to learn from this very valuable lesson. Valuable because she was caught without disaster and collateral damage.

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  3. in the late 70’s early 80’s I worked at a body shop, every weekend we got called to pick up wrecks most were drinking and driving.
    67 Impala in a ditch. my boss says cops need to get him out of the car first before we load but we need to pull the car so they can get to him. the guys head went threw steering column , yes like a missile went threw his face. the car was buckled, a screw driver,,, was sticking in the back of bell housing and stuck in the back of the engine. it must have been on the seat. one camp said he was at 130mph and he could not catch the impala. after the car was loaded my boss had a place he buried these types of wrecks. Ive never had the urge to drink and drive from that day. Ive lost friends due to drinking and driving. if the young lady reads this remember what we are saying!

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