Pregnant woman that assaulted her boyfriend is going to sue me because “her arrest is not public information”

Andrea Seeker is suing Butler News because she got arrested

Below is a awesome statement from this woman that can not comprehend the English language.

And I quote from her Facebook

“This is your lovely Butler citizens. This is why butler is the way it is. People have a lack of decency for those around them. I hope you have fun running peoples names through the mud without giving others the whole story. An article that ruins a pregnant woman’s name sure makes great headlines doesn’t. It doesn’t say in this article that he is already on probation for domestic violence or that I lived with him. It doesn’t say that his witnesses are legally mentally handicapped and afraid of him in their own home. Or that he had just lost his job for calling off week straight to go to Vandergrift and binge meth for a week straight or that it wasn’t the first time he put his hands on me. It doesn’t say that he had scheduled appointments to see a probation officer he told me didn’t care if he did drugs while on her books. The butler justice system is corrupt. If you want to fix a town try making sure their legal system is straight first. I have screenshot of him admitting to drug use on probation and saying his PO doesn’t care. I’m really gonna enjoy ripping apart this dumb news page and my abusive ex.”

  2. I ran an article that “ruined a pregnant woman’s life” The fact that you look to be trash could be the assertion to the downfall of your life. You were ARRESTED the link can be seen here
  3. You NEED to learn how to spell and form a paragraph.
  4. I am not sure who you are referring to is on probation for “domestic violence” I am not, and in fact, the man you assaulted is NOT. But, soon you will be.
  5. Losing your job due to addiction or any other excuses is not a valid excuse to assault them, meanwhile in the past you are such a loser you boasted about this.
  6. The legal system is “straight” in fact your case is still open.
  7. You are so scared of your ex yet you choose to trash him online. You at 20 are a pathetic loser.
  8. I do await this big attorney that is going to sure me, will hud housing be footing the bill?
  9. I am amazed anyone would procreate with you after seeing how cross eyed you are, in fact, I suspected you have down syndrome. The guy that had sex with you must have been a real winner.
  10. What I can bet is you do NOT have a screen shot of me saying I use drugs, unlike you loser I have some respect for myself, unlike you who is getting high while pregnant.
  11. Probation? I will be damned, hurry send that into someone. To bad I am not on probation.
  12. The Butler justice system is corrupt, but that does not negate the fact that you are a crazy bitch that got wasted and assaulted a man. Hence why you got ARRESTED MORON!

God, I swear on my life. I can not believe the idiocy I must deal with on this page, fucking snowflake, get clean, get a JOB, STOP assaulting men, get a life. You are PATHETIC, and I await this “huge lawsuit” as you put it.




  1. I continue to screenshot and wonder where your facts are? Was i wasted when I got arrested? No.
    Was I drug tested at the hospital when I got arrested? Yes. Did I pass? Yes. Where did I say YOU were on probation? I’m pretty sure he’s on probation for domestic assault when he got out of BCP in November for a 6 month stint for assaulting a different woman. Continue with your childish fake news page without facts. Insult my looks and judge me over a case that you said in your article is still open? What does HUD housing have to do with anything? I don’t even live in butler😂😂 especially considering your public knowlage is wrong and I’m older than 20. This is defamation of character and it became the when you starting,g attacking my looks and telling me to suck your Dick in the comments of your last article. If I’m so guilty why was I let out after 45 minutes in jail? Your facts are wrong when they go past actual news and show your biased opinion while attacking my character. Have fun and continue trying to make me look bad. I still wasn’t ‘wasted’ when I got arrested. Or is that your so called public knowlage? What article did you read or statement that said I was wasted? Your paper is trash and isn’t based on actual facts.


  2. Oh and the Facebook post you quoted was me talking about screenshots of my ex bragging about doing drugs on probation. Pictures of him doing drugs and drinking. Screenshots of me messaging friends WITH TIME STAMPS asking them to come get me that day because he was threatening me. Guilty until Proven innocent, gotta live butler and the drama people like to cause because THEY don’t have a job and better things to do.


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