Local crazy white girl rants that ALL whites are racist

Andrea Seeker who is believed to be out of her mind crazy, accuses all white people of being racist, while using racist overtones multiple times in her idiotic rant.

Yes, this would be the same pregnant woman that assaulted her boyfriend, then tried to assault herself saying the boyfriend assaulted her.

Seeker was arrested and charged with simple assault for that incident



  1. FUCK white people! You whites hold us blacks down this is why I only fuck niggazs we keep it real I am glad my fathers child is black I do not need anything from white people you white people are fucking trash the black man does not hold down a sexy with girl like me I just posted I am deleting my facebook and you know what that eill teach all you

    I had to drop out of school in 8th grade and I have tried to kill myself multiple times and that due to white people holding me down and homework and shit thats all white you racist fuck


  2. Let’s see
    Andrea hates all white people. Does that include herself? Does this mean she is a bigot too? I’m thinking her teachers all must of been bigots that hated white since she would be hard pressed to fill out state assistance forms as her spelling is at a kindergarten level. That being said we’re her teachers white and let her slide through the system knowing she is a wanna be black. If her teachers were black I guarantee they thought we don’t want this crazy person around us either. I would bet though no one really wants her for more than a couple
    self satisfying reasons.
    If the Sexist Macho Man reads this he will most likely give a few detailed reasons who wants her and why.
    At this time I can’t tell the crazy bigots without a score card.


  3. Stupid cunt. Go back to your hole and keep pumping that dope bitch. Your boys will be dumping you in a minute. It’s pretty sad when you hate your own skin. I hope at least you don’t breed. Otherwise there will be more little Bentleys out there. All that hate must come from somewhere – maybe your daddy didn’t keep his promises huh.

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  4. I hate nuggers and women. She’s both what the fuck. This bitch should just get smacked in the forehead with a slim Jim until she leaves the square circle forever. When in the fuck does being a minority not work out for said minority. Oh I know back in 1940 yeah she probably remembers… Or maybe she’s a little brain dead from the monkey cock she takes. Gross whore.

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  5. I look forward to pressing sexual harrasment charges and regular harrasment charges. Which encase you are unaware telling me to ‘press this dick into my mouth’ is sexual harrasment. The comments of people pretending to be me and everyone of you talking about me but don’t know me have committed a form if harrasment. This is the internet and everything you post can be traced back to you. My comments are linked to my google account and I didn’t post those ridiculous things about taking it up the butt and hating white people. I’m not nearly as stupid or crazy as you think. And the comments I post that await moderation and don’t get approved are also screenshot.


      • You do that. I’ll post pictures of my google account activity page. My comments are coming from my google account on my cellphone. I can post that Ip especially because I don’t live in Pennsylvania


  6. Post the Ips and the location the Ips are coming from with the comments or it didn’t happen. I sure love when people try making me look like unintelligent trash. At the end of the day, I’m still not the girl who texted me saying she slept with you to have her charges dropped and her articles taken off your blog. She even says she’s texting me off a burner number she uses for clients. You apparently really like prostitutes. 😖


      • You wanted to make me look bad how about people learn the truth? Please post the IP addresses. Beside the comments. I sure hope butler citizens smart enough to know what an IP address looks like. If you have my IP address why haven’t you called the police seeing as I’m not in the state of Pennsylvania


  7. I won’t be going anywhere because your beautiful sexist followers have started attacking my child and I’ve drawn the line at grown adults threatening my child because someone is giving them my personal cell phone number. My child is innocent to your drama and I hope to god you never have children with they way you talk about an innocent child. You are the prostitute hiring butler trash.


  8. I changed my name on here but still have the same IP address…I will let blacks fuck me in the ass for crack any niggas out there


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