Mercer County man charged with rape


Pennsylvania State Police have released a report that they started an investigation in Mercer County for a rape that happened between March 31 and April 1.

And that Patrick Kearney, 30, of Mercer allegedly raped someone.

PSP said they were contacted by the victim.

According to police, Kearney strangled the victim during the assault.

He is now facing several charges including rape.

Kearney also faces charges for having a gun when prohibited because of prior felonies, according to police but did not indicate how he obtained it.

For both incidents, his bail is set at $125,000.

Kearney was put in the Mercer County Jail on April 20. He has not yet posted bail.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3.



One comment

  1. its the beard again. WTF is it with all the sexual crap going on here? welcome to northern WV! yes this area was originally part of VA then northern WV.


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