50 people attended Tuesday’s Mars School Board meeting to express concerns over racism and bullying

Several parents and students showed up at Tuesday’s Mars School Board meeting and said they were fed up over racial slurs and bullying that they claim have been an ongoing issue.

The meeting was the first held since a situation involving “hateful rhetoric” led to a physical altercation with another student. The Mars superintendent sent a letter home to parents on Monday not elaborating on what the incident entailed- but saying that hate speech won’t be tolerated and that the specific incident is under investigation by law enforcement.

The incident started over one idiot using the N word against some back kids, the white boy got his ass beat for calling the black kid this..I would call that Justice served.

The district told parents a new anti-bullying program is in the works, and that there will also be diversity training.

Some snow flake parents and students are still demanding more answers. They say the student who was called the word got suspended, but the student that used the slur did not get in trouble. This is not due to racism the idiotic suspension, this is due to the schools no fighting police that is idiotic, so for the parents trying to insinuate that the black kid being suspended was racist…grow up!





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  1. typical yuppie martians. they are so ass backwards. these are the same idiots that go to starbucks and pay $2.50 a word for coffee, and put yuppie sauce on a hamburger. its liberal heaven


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