Mackenzie Peters, 22, mother of Bentley Miller,sentenced to 36 months of probation, for child endangerment

Mackenzie  Peters, 22, mother of Bentley Thomas Miller, was sentenced to 36 months of probation today, dawning her cute little prison outfit with a smile on her face the entire time, Peters really had not a care in the world about this sentencing, or the fact that she is housed in Butler County on multiple counts of attempted murder.

Peters was charged in relation to injuries the boy suffered before the assault that resulted in his death. Police said Bentley suffered a previous injury — a severe burn to his hand — which also occurred while he was in Lambing’s care, several days before his death. Peters all but admitted she watched her child abused and plead guilty to adding to the abuse of Miller.

Lambing was charged March 22, 2017, in connection with Bentley’s death March 21, 2017, after police say Lambing sexually assaulted the boy in a room at the Super 8 motel on Pittsburgh Road in Butler Township, leaving him with injuries that resulted in his death.



  1. His grandma said Thursday that Tyler was denied access to Bentley. Fuck that. Lame excuse. And the pictures of Tyler with Peters at the funeral. He posed for pics with her. WTF.


  2. Why are we wasting taxpayers money on this piece of shit? She is just as guilty as Jordan for the killing of Bentley and than tries to kill an unborn child. Our justice system sucks!!!! Bring back public hanging

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  3. So far though this cold hearted nasty bitch has beaten the system. She shows no remorse and neither does any of the others involved. The good people of Butler luckily do. You will keep the memory of Bentley alive.
    There are a lot of others who should share the guilt and some of the blame. They include our elected officials, Butler County court system and the staff at the Super 8 who had to know something was going on but was only concerned about renting a room to drug addicts.
    If there is an after life and hell I hope all of them rot there.
    If Karma is real I hope it didn’t overlook this tragedy and get to work soon.


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