Sadly, the family is still trying to profit off the Bentley Miller death

It has been over a year since a 4 year old was raped and killed in Butler. Bentley Millers “family is holding a “fundraiser” for the four year old Miller. I seen this flyer at the Texas Roadhouse and decided to call. And I got some interesting answers.

I call the Roadhouse and ask whom is holding the fundraiser, and where is the money going-the main question was “is this Millers father holding this fundraiser” the answer was NO..But some one in the family.

Fundraisers have been popping up all over town for Miller, Including raising $12,000.00 via But none of this money has been used for anything but legal fees. (At least one would guess that)

The fundraisers were said to be for a park, but according to the City Of Butler, they know nothing about this park-no one has applied, no one has brought this to their attention other then some things they have read online.

This child has had more then 7 fundraisers over the past year…No one knows where the money has gone, how much money has been raised, or what the money will ever be used for..if for the purpose of a park at this point I would doubt it.

It is not the Miller family running this fundraiser, in fact the father has never said a word about this case, nor do we suspect he will..He has never been to court..the father who I will not post his name has all but been unseen.

I am sure someone will chime in and say this money is going for a great thing, it is not. The money thus far has gone unseen. There has been over $15,000.00 raised that I know of, and I would guess a hell of a lot more has been raised.

I suppose it comes down to this, I do not run this page for ads locally or to be Mr Popular, if you donate to this hot garage, there is a good chance you are getting ripped off.

I think EVERYONE should be tired of this shit at this point. Trying to profit off a four year old that was raped and murdered makes you a piece of shit, just like everyone else involved in this case.






  1. Well the city def does know about the park idea. Because I was there with the city for it’s announcement. So was the news. However, I’m not sure what happened to the idea or where it’s at? As far as that goes. I’m gonna find out tomorrow however because I actually forgot all about that


      • That’s what I’m saying. I was there with Kenny Bonus (council) my mother (city clerk) many others. They had a layout plan and everything. But nothing ever happened. It was near the end of summer so maybe this spring/summer? No idea.


  2. What surprises me is WTF could the management of Texas Roadhouse be thinking?????
    I myself will not set foot in there until they completely distance themselves from this whole situation. They must be from another Galaxy to not be aware of the whole tragedy.
    The fact that all of people involved with Bentley’s murder aren’t sitting on death row is a complete failure of our legal and justice system.
    Butler County is the Criminal Friendly County.


  3. The title of this needs to be changed. I just read the title and had gotten very pissed. Because if the Miller family doesnt know anything or even tyler hasn’t said anything on the situation, then why would you put the title as the family is still trying to profit from this. The only thing I see in this that family knows is a comment about his grandmother who has been very sick . But how would you even know that it’s her at all. Just leave him and his family and all this the fuck alone….


  4. Agree, I thought all along the father was just asd much to blame, I’m sure he seen signs of abuse, he didn’t care, party on you scum


  5. I actually support grassroots journalism efforts that aren’t speculation driven tabloids.

    You may have a point, but this is pure guesswork. Come back with more than a phone call to a bar and a bunch of “arguments” that amount to “look at the obviousness of this” when there is plenty of room for other explanations.


  6. Hey Anon. Tyler Miller is trash. Peters is a whore. Lambing needs castrated and skinned alive. The whole fucking gang needs to be dragged through the streets behind a horse. Fuck you for defending them Anon. Fuck you piece of pathetic fuck.

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  7. Why would Bentley’s Army say that this fundraiser was not for Bentley’s Army? Following is a post on Facebook that I copied and pasted from THE Bentley’s Army Facebook page posted on April 9th. Check it out for yourselves.

    Bentley’s Army is asking for donations to Bentleys Army.
    April 9 at 9:13pm ·
    We have not made it official, but we will be renaming Bentley’s Army to Bentley Thomas Miller Foundation!!!

    A few upcoming events:
    May: Dine and Donate @ Butler Texas Roadhouse

    September: A walk/run @ Butler Memorial🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

    October: Annual Vendor Show @ Butler General Vagabonds.

    Bentley’s Army is raising money for Bentleys Army.
    Donate $5 Be the first to donate!

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