Penn Internet Company “Jay Ayers” ripped me off

User Submitted:

Dear Butler News, I come along a website called (redacted) that said Penn Internet could offer me a deal on internet. I signed up online giving my credit card info and number all of that.

I then received an email from “Jay Ayers” Known as Austin Ayers. Ayers told me that he does not service the area. And that he would need to talk to his “staff” to refund my $75.00 (or so) refunded.

A week went by and I thought this company was large and I might have been forgot about. I googled the name Austin Ayers. I was stunned what I saw, this is a lesson that I need to utilize Google before I buy anything online.

I called “Penn Internet” again and I was met by the owner Jay Ayers. Who told me they were installing towers in my area and I would be offered 300 meg internet. I said “ok great thank you” One more week went by.

I then called Penn Internet again, Jay Ayers told me that he again could not service the area, and that he would be talking to his staff about my refund. I said it has been two weeks and I want my money back. In turn I was threatened and called nasty names. He said he would come to my work and “teach me”

I have filed for a charge back with my credit card company.

I am 61 years old, this man was nasty to me, threatened my husband, told me he was a fire police chief and would have me arrested if I called the cops. I really am a little scared of this man.

The credit card company is going to refund my money. I can tell you I was scared I would get hurt the way he was talking to me. I do not know if there is anyone at at this company. When I asked to speak with the owner I was told “I am the f^^^^^g  owner you old b***h

I seen all of the comments and reviews online. i would not recommend this company after the way they treated me. When the man is shooting at homes and threatening me at 61 how can anyone respect this company?

I just hope no one else has had an issue with this man.

If anyone else has had issues with this man please contact me at

I have called the police about this man, and they said they “all know who he is” please contact me if you have had problems or have been defrauded out of funds. This is due to the Attorney General wanting to know if there are more complaints.




  1. Hahaha “fire police chief” doesn’t even exist in the fire service for one. For 2, 100% zero authority to do anything related to arrest or law enforcement at all. Their purpose is to direct traffic and keep emergency responders save while on the scene.

    AJ has no affiliation with any fire organization and no fire organization want a thing to do with him once so ever. He is well known by PSP and others and for awful reasons. Not a single person this kid has come in any contact with has a shred of respect for him. There are major issues with him and it’s highly concerning to say the least.


  2. Yeah, I don’t get how you can get arrested for palming a pack of gum at Walmart, but defraud a Sr Citizen outof 75 bucks and life goes on. May be a jurisdictional thing, but still not quite right.


  3. You all need to remember even those arrested for shoplifting, drug dealing, assult,child molesting and murder get off in Butler, the Criminal Friendly County.
    $75 ripoff from this known lame ass scum con artist won’t even get a police visit. Very sad and disgusting to say the least.

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  4. Shame on A.J.’s mom for enabling him to do all this wierd stuff… A good parent would make him get his life on track by getting a real job and good counselling before the wrong person catches up with him.

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  5. This is total disrepect for the citizens of Butler & even surrounding areas he has taken advantage of. Now id like to know why the fuck he is out of jail after shooting at someones house w people & children inside. Scamming people & taking their $ is a Crime. The police & da are allowing this. Call someone other than bbb, get these crooks in charge investigated. Oh, yea falls back on the Crimimal Friendly system in Butler, nevermind theyre untouchable it seems.


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