Traffic stop leads to drug arrest

Dennis Goodwine Sr., 43, of Butler Township was arrested on felony and other drug charges.  Police say they seized eight bags of suspected marijuana, a bag of suspected crack cocaine and nearly $800 in currency following a Friday night traffic stop.

The defendant admitted he had marijuana in the vehicle.  He turned over a plastic bag that contained eight individually wrapped bags of suspected marijuana.

The officer searched the vehicle and found another bag that appeared to have a large rock of crack in it.

He was arraigned and later released on $15,000 bail.

fat albert




  1. Wow, drugs in the car, could have, should have got away with it and you get pulled over for some stupid traffic violation, and in your mid 40s. Dennis since common sense was evidently not your strong point, nor retaining what you may have learned in Driver’s Ed at least you were lucky enough to have been a dumbass in Butler County. Butler Township or the court system will screw the case up somehow. You should be back on the street by the weekend.
    Maybe try a new career like shoplifting Walmart or a fake internet supplier. You may be able to get a grant using the excuse that you are to stupid for your current line of employment.


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