A 12-time shoplifter was arrested again-this time for a theft of over $7000.00

Frank  Novak Jr., 33, of Pittsburgh, was arrested again on a pair of unrelated arrest warrants for allegedly stealing or trying to steal more than $7,000 worth of Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins merchandise from two stores.

Novak is also charged with defiant trespass, a misdemeanor. He is in Butler County Prison on $30,000 bail.

Novak  made his getaway with items valued at $2,240.89 in a pickup truck driven by an unknown woman.

His return trip two days later did not go as smoothly. On the second go-around, Novak apparently got nervous, police said, and abandoned the trash can filled with merchandise worth $4,645.56, before fleeing in the same pickup.

Police on Jan. 25th obtained their second arrest warrant for Novak stemming from a Nov. 20 incident at the Target on Route 228, where he tried to make off with $773.64 in Steelers and Penguins goods.

He is accused of putting the items in a storage tote he got from the store. But when he noticed an employee watching him, he ditched the tote and fled.

While investigating the incidents, police said they spoke to Pittsburgh police, who were familiar with the defendant.

Cranberry police were advised that “when there are significant sporting events Novak will steal sports merchandise and sell it in the Strip District.”

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  1. Wow Frank, although you are a pathetic waste of sperm looser who’s such a dumbass that you came back to the same place 2 days later to scam again. You were though at least smart enough to do this in Butler County. You most likely will be lifting again by Memorial Day. Most likely our court system will screw up the case and you’ll walk. You will get. PD who won’t even need to be really competent. The fact that you aren’t a minority may be the ticket. Even if that don’t work he’ll get you off since you do look like the typical Needle Zombie. It would help if you wear a Steeler Ball Cap backwards. If you have a PFA or maybe some child molester issues you’ll be good to go.
    Either way you got arrested in Butler, the Criminal Friendly County, enjoy your stay it won’t be long.


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