Brittany Hartos, 25, who threatened to kill Rich Goldinger released from jail

Brittany Hartos, 25, was charged with threatening to kill Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger was released into pretrial supervision, after waiving her case to county court before a preliminary hearing.

She faces charges of felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor terroristic threats and simple assault after state police say she called a crisis hot line on April 7 and “threatened to go to Goldinger’s house and kill him.”

She also threatened to go to his work and kill him.

Hartos was upset at Goldinger for not prosecuting a case in which she claimed she was sexually assaulted, Hartos reported the alleged assault last year in Slippery Rock Township. Goldinger referred to that case as a “sexual assault” investigation. He said charges were never filed because there “was not sufficient evidence.”

Hartos had been in Butler County Prison on $100,000 bond since her arrest April 8, just hours after she made the call to the crisis hotline.

Goldinger once told me you can not arrest people for threats on the phone or online. I still have the messages, looks like you actually can.




  1. You def can’t. Don’t get it. And can’t really call that aggravated assault when nothing happened?? I didn’t know it was assault to say you were gonna kill someone. If that’s the case, there are many people who should be jailed for saying that to me over the past 31 years.

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  2. And since when do you need evidence to file charges?? I know someone who has had his life put on hold for almost a year now because of charges stemming for pure hearsay. A crime that never happened. But all it took was a person to say it did.


  3. Rick Bosco for DA? Should he run does or anyone think he or anyone would have a chance to replace the Goldinger era, that has had an impact on this community for years? So sad when people are faced w stuff like this, she trusted the system for justice. Maybe in another county she would have found it. Ive had some of same threatening words from someone, they basically laughed. So how is it All Of A Sudden different because hes the DA? We’re all humans equally. Even this young lady who has obviously been through a lot & got to where she lost it. Its not easy when youre a victim & the criminal is getting away w shit due to this crooked Butler County Criminal Friendly Court System. Ugh!! Someone start the campaign to run against the crooked people. 🤔


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