Local girl just can’t figure out how she keeps failing multiple drug test

Call this a story that will make you laugh, something to make ya feel just a little better about yourself, as this might be the Butlers most idiotic criminal

I’ll just let the screen shots talk for themselves. Thus far she has failed for heroin being in her system, benzos, weed, and coke.

My guess would be that these multiple failed drug tests are just a big mistake.

she is not taking this post well. Here are her drug fueled rants



    • What does she need receipts for brother? This bitch is just plain retarded and you know what your failing drug tests because they started testing for yeast infected junkie looking gross bitches about 6 and a half years ago. You look like Marilyn manson maybe your in the dope show. Next time you tie off maybe use a slim jim instead of a needle bitch and save the receipt for the slim Jim so we can see what our tax dollars buy a nasty c.nt like you.


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